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RealWay Annual Awards 2011

Congratulations to all of the winners at the RealWay Annual Awards 2011.

The office of the year was won for the first time by Andrew and Jacinta Reibelt and their very professional team at RealWay Redcliffe. They certainly know how to party when they are not delivering Real Service and Real Results to their valuable clients. Ipswich is already on a mission to regain the title but there are a few quiet achievers working hard to get the number one office award.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the positive feedback. We are very appreciative to all our sponsors for their continued support. Particular thanks to Kath and Greg Andersen along with some of their team for travelling all the way from Mt Isa to celebrate and party the night away. They were great company.

The comedy MC was enjoyed by everyone, the food was wonderful and the Palazzo Versace staff made the night seamless. It is a magnificent venue and the vote seems to be to go back next year.

RealWay Bundaberg

Congratulations to the Illingworth Family (John, Deb, Brent and Tegan) on their new office. We are once again proud to announce the growth of a RealWay office. The Illingworth’s bought out the Professionals Rent Roll and retained some of the team and then moved into their office right in the heart of Bundaberg.

I have had the privilege to meet with Brian Porra and the rest of his team and they will be a welcome addition to the RealWay Group.

Brent tells me that their new office is certainly attracting a lot of positive comment with people also complimenting them on their growth. We are thrilled another RealWay office is going from strength to strength.

Thank you to John and Deb and family for your ongoing support and promoting the growth of the RealWay brand.

Greg Watson

First principals’ conference proves a hit

Camaraderie: enjoying the RealWay principals' conference dinner.

The beautiful costal area of Maroochydore was the venue for the first RealWay Principal’s Conference last Thursday. Feedback was very positive and the event can only strengthen the bonds within the group.
A number of principals faced similar problems and finding quality sales staff came up a couple of times.
The marketplace remains patchy – some agencies are finding it tough and in one case seven out of 10 contracts fell over in one month. Redcliffe is going strong with 16 sales reported in the past month and this happened when principal Andrew Reibelt was away. Ipswich is also having a strong result in sales. The strenght of the group in property management was highlighted in the discussions.
The conference started with a presentation from On the House group’s Frank Swain. And from Frank’s talk it is clear the pace will be hotting up for real estate technology and services in data, online marketing and customer relationship management software.
The afternoon speaker was Caloundra RealWay’s Russell Smith who took the group through his automated 95 steps for selling real estate. Russell’s system is first class and underpins a repeatably good client experience while providing a clear framework to train new staff.The openess of the group and the sharing of practical ideas and solutions was first class.
Gold stars to Kath and Greg Andersen for taking the big trip from Mt Isa and to Andrew King from the Southern Beaches organisation who travelled from Geelong (go the Cats). Thanks to everybody who attended and to Marita Smith for taking pictures. Dinner followed the conference and a pleasant evening was had by all including your correspondent who had a very late night.

Mark Casey

Do we want prices to boom?

House prices everywhere are linked to 3 main things (all supply and demand related in each case)


A. Availability of housing in each area.
Look at the huge rents being paid in central Queensland mining towns due to lack of supply.

B. Availability of credit relative to the house price
In many rural areas banks will only lend 50% of the house value thereby keeping prices down.

C. The average wage and therefore the ability of people to pay mortgage payments.
The lower the wages in an area, generally the lower the house prices.


So why will house prices will actually plateau in dollar terms over the next 5 years? Simply because points b & c will rule during this period. Credit will stay tight and wages will remain relatively stable (outside of the mining areas) for a long period. This structural change happening in the economy here and worldwide are also creating a lot of uncertainty for everyone so most people will not be looking to upgrade or move unless absolutely necessary. This will keep sales volumes low for a long period.

Generally, small business is doing it tough, so keeping your job is more important than asking for a pay rise every year. Wages may be not be going up, but with our Industrial relations regime and low unemployment they will not be going down either anytime soon.

Banks are managing their loan portfolios very well so that a major drop in house price’s doesn’t occur and force people to sell. Our overall banking system is working to maintain and stabilize prices. Do we want prices to boom? Actually no! If prices stay stable in dollar terms over the next 5 years (or more) the owners today won’t lose money and over time as wages start to increase again homes will become more affordable.


Greg Watson

Market kicks in Wynnum Manly

Kev Stewart is producing great sales results at Wynnum Manly

Kevin Stewart at RealWay Wynnum Manly defies the property market doomsayers with some outstanding sale results. Kev tells me he has put 14 properties under contract in the past two weeks and recently got an exclusive listing for a large sub division.

He is of course one of the real characters in the RealWay team and he has a wicked sense of humour – such as the time he phoned me up and said my name was mentioned in a public toilet. He kept me going before finally putting me out of my misery and owning up to the prank. Well done Kev and I’ll get you back one day.

Mark Casey


RealWay hits the news

RealWay Bundaberg takes the message on the road.

There is plenty to report from RealWay this week with Mt Isa buying another agency, a new car marketing design and signs of market improvement

Starting with Mt Isa – what a great story it is to see Kath Andersen and her team growing RealWay so significantly. The property rent roll is now up to 500 following the merger with Mt Isa Properties. Having started in real estate administration at 17, Kath went on to study nursing at university but the real estate bug hadn’t gone away and she came back to her hometown of Mt Isa to work at the local RealWay office. After working in the office for several years she and husband Greg decided to buy it in June last year. The rest is history already and the business is now one of the largest real estate offices in Mt Isa.

Moving south, Jarrad McCarthy and his team at Buderim have seen a significant lift in sales. Since merging with the long established Brown Real Estate in June, Jarrad has expanded his sales team and taken advantage of a lift in the market which had been flat since the start of the year. In a really competitive market with higher value properties, RealWay Buderim is growing its market share while expanding its rent roll. A great result for Jarrad on top of the news that he is going to be a Dad – congratulations.

Meanwhile Bundaberg is taking its marketing message to the street with its new Mazda office car complete with RealWay signage.

A great form of advertising at a relatively low cost – well done to Felicity, John and the Bundaberg team.

Rockhampton RealWay has moved to a new premises to lift the standard to the next level

Rockhampton RealWay has been busy moving to a new premises and buying the local First National rent roll. Adrian Western and his team are another example of the RealWay spirit in action. The area is expected to have increased activity from the mining sector which is gearing up for significant expansion in coming years.


RealWay hits 10 year mark

RealWay has reached the 10 year milestone this month and what a journey it has been since Garry Cant opened the first office at Buderim in August 2001. Garry had been a member of a ‘percentage of turnover’ brand for several years and decided that there had to be a better way to sustain a brand and the principals and teams on the ground. Greg Watson formed a similar view and when presented with the unique RealWay brand joined the group as a franchisee in 2002.

After growing RealWay for six years Garry decided to retire and sold the business to  Greg who by this time had joined the advisory board for the group.

According to Greg, “the GFC happened soon after I took over which represented a few challenges but it is marvellous to see how the group has strengthened with some excellent principals on board”.

Our market leadership in key markets such as Ipswich shows the impact of the brand and the quality of the people it attracts. Here’s to the next 10 years.

RealWay gets the message out on video

One of the ways we want to grow the brand is to use social marketing and multi media. This represents the most effective way to get our unique business model and its benefits in front of potential franchisees. You might like to have a look at our first corporate video . The video was taken and given a corporate look in-house on a shoe string budget.

Mark Casey

RealWay Ipswich storming ahead

It has all been happening at RealWay’s Ipswich Yamanto office with a new principal taking the reins as well as some fantastic sales results. RealWay’s top selling sales person for three years, Karen Bagenal is now the proud owner of the Ipswich franchise and the office continues to prosper with 14 sales coming through the door for July. This further cements RealWay as the best performing brand in a key area in South East Queensland.

Whatever it is about RealWay the transition of office ownership is giving the best of both worlds -at Southern Beaches, David Elliston stayed on the team after selling the business to Kasey McDonald and John Rankin. Likewise we have kept the lovely Lisa Downey on the team as a salesperson after she handed the keys to Karen. The girls make for a powerful combination and it is onwards and upwards for the team at Ipswich after some grim times at the start of the year with the impact of extensive flooding.

Karen has been in real estate for six years after joing the industry following several building and selling houses projects with her husband Mark who is a builder (a handy connection). An Ipswich girl true and true, Karen loves to spend time fishing and camping with Mark and daughters Demi, Rose and Casey.

Karen doesn’t believe the upswing in sales is due to people moving into the market to get ahead of the impending increase in stamp duty and most contracts are going through on 14 days for finance and seven days for building and pest inspection. Great to have you on board Karen.

Living the dream: RealWays newest principal Karen Bagenal

Conference pictures now on line

The sunrise at Hamilton Island was spectacular during the RealWay Annual Conference on June 2 2011.

To see pictures of what we got up to at the first RealWay Annual Conference in June go to and click on the blue drop down menu titled ‘our team’.

No embarrassing pictures from a couple of late nights enjoying the hospitality have been included but you can be the judge of that.

Thank you to all who participated to make it a great experience and thanks also to Scott and Renee Allison for taking most of the pictures. We look forward to building on the success of the inaugural event next year. By popular demand the 2012 conference will again take place at Hamilton Island which is a lot more pleasant to be in today than here in Toowoomba which has a very fresh westerly wind – brass monkeys beware.


Mark Casey

RealWay trade directory and home guide to build client connection

We all know good tradespeople are hard to find but the answer is at hand with the new RealWay trade directory

It can be a frustrating experience finding tradespeople for clients and ourselves yet the answer is at hand in a new RealWay website initiative.

Working with our web design partners Tridesign we now have any easy to use trades and services directory accessing 27,500 (this number grows daily) tradespeople and service providers  across Australia, sorted by postcode.

This feature is a great way for Sales and Property Management staff to add value for our clients. Sellers and landlords can access the directory themselves via the website and build a “shortlist” of the trades and services they require.  If installed on your website, this list will carry the branding for your office.

If your agency has a list of “preferred suppliers”, these can easily be added to the directory, just email

To see an example, go to and have a look. It can also be accessed through the ‘selling’ drop down menu.

Another useful feature is the monthly Homemakers Guide (also branded to your office) which is quite a different take on the “traditional” real estate newsletter.  It has been developed in response to feedback from agents that goes along the following lines:

You list a property (great!) then you sell it (even better!), send a thank-you card and possibly a gift basket on settlement day and that’s the end of the transaction.  Now, everybody knows that the moment a client has purchased a property, they become a prospective vendor.  The difficulty that agents have, is that they really have no cause to be in touch with that prospect, except to ask them if they are ready to re-sell the property.

The Homemakers Guide is a conversational (no sales data, no recent sales, no encouragement to list) format that centres on providing useful snippets of information for householders including a healthy recipes section.  Distributed monthly in a print-ready PDF format, it aims to keep your brand in the “top of mind awareness” of householders in your area.

We believe it is best used as a resource for letter box drops, snail mail, reception desk, open homes, auctions or anything else you can think of.  It can be accessed from the toolbar once you have done a search.
If you’d like more information contact head office, or contact Tridesign direct on 07 46365583 email:


Mark Casey

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